Interlude 〜Borderless Ticket〜

歌:ゆず/詞:北川悠仁/曲:北川悠仁・CHRYSANTHEMUM BRIDGE

Original Key:C / Capo:0 / Play:C

C A7 / D Dm / Am / D /
Am / Dm7 / G / C Em7 /
A7 / Dm / F / Fm /

Am         Dm7
 Is that a tear I see?
G          C  Em7
 Everyone feels so lonely
A7         Dm
 Together let's be one.
F   G      Am /
Right here, right now

A# / Am / G / Am / A# / Am / G / G /

Am           Dm7
 Something I finally found,
G           C  Em7
 Lying here right beside me
A7           Dm
 No more need to feel alone,
 F G     Am / Dm...
Forever never more